Starting a new job is a strange experience at the best of times - but during a pandemic? Well, who better to tell us just what that's like than our two newest starters, Imogen & Terri! 

introduce yourself! who are you, and what will you be doing at teapigs?

terri: Hello! I’m Terri and i’ll be in the Trade Support team.

imogen: My name is Imogen and I am the Trade Support Assistant for OOH at teapigs, which means I will be responsible for processing all of the orders!

what were you up to before you joined teapigs, and what made you apply for your role?

terri: Before joining, I worked in TV looking after the announcements between shows (the ones you ignore while you pop the kettle on). I applied for the role after fancying a total shake up, and hearing teapigs is a cracking place to work.

imogen: Before joining teapigs, I have dabbled in all different areas of retail from advertising to design. I have predominantly worked in buying offices, sourcing new products, and launching them to make them available to customers. During the pandemic, I have taken an extended maternity leave so I applied to teapigs so that I could work and drink tea all day! I love learning about all aspects of how a business is run and what better place to get involved than in an exciting, sustainable, ethical tea company.

how have you found joining teapigs – especially during a pandemic!

terri: It’s been a shock to the system...nothing like a new job to get you back into human interaction and getting dressed again. Luckily, there’s some lovely humans to interact with!  

imogen: Joining teapigs during a pandemic has been extremely different to anything I have experienced before, from interviewing online to having the opportunity to work remotely. I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person one day as I know that the teapigs work culture is known for being great fun

what are you most looking forward to about working at teapigs?

terri: I’m looking forward to learning about all of the work that goes into a product and brand that I think is fab, and being a part of getting it on the shelves/into cups!  

imogen: I am most looking forward to learning all about how the teapigs business works and getting involved in different parts of the business when I can! I love being a part of a small business as you can learn so much about different areas that you might not get the chance to in a larger corporation.

what’s your favourite teapigs blend?

terri: Oo it’s a toss up between trim and chai tea

imogen: I love everyday brew as it goes wonderfully with a slice of cake, but I also enjoy the cold brews (peach and mango is my favourite) for the hot days we haven’t had much of in Summer ’21!

finally, give us a random fact about yourself...

terri: My childhood nickname was Terri-tea-belly

imogen: Before covid happened, I travelled to South East Asia and climbed not 1, but 2 volcanoes! Wasn’t keen on the hike but the views were amazing!

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