Hello! My name's Jack and I'm the newest teapig! I'll be managing teapigs' presence in all the upcoming shows - so come say hello :) To kick things off, here's a quick 10 facts about me:

1. I'm Australian! I was born in Sydney, but lived just north (2 hours drive!) in a place called Bucketty on the Central Coast of New South Wales. 

2. I hate the heat - well, the Australian heat. The heavy, sweaty omnipresent burden that is the Australian summer is not something I miss. 

3. I was in a choir back in Sydney - I was even on XFactor Australia (briefly!)

4. I'm a dog person

5. I love travelling - I left on an adventure around Europe immediately after I finished high school last year. Most recently I travelled around the Mediterranean, however, my favourite experience so far has got to be backpacking through Eastern Europe earlier this year in the middle of winter!

6. My guilty pleasures include, but are in no way not limited to: Gossip Girl, The Twilight Saga and Coffee!

7. I only have 30% feeling in my left hand because when I was 16 I fell through a window and severed my nerves and tendon! But now I have a cool scar that adds to my tough aesthetic. 

8. I once watched 8 seasons of the American office in order to procrastinate an assessment, and then used the show as a related text for my essay and got an A.

9. I once accidentally stood on a Brown Snake (and survived to tell the tale)

10. My favourite teapigs tea has got to be either Everyday Brew or Liquorice and peppermint