Meet Rachel - our new(ish) customer service and e-commerce assistant! She's been keeping us all in great suspense over her ten facts - but 6 months later, she finally gave in: 

  • My name is Rachel and I’m 24.
  • At University I discovered I’m good at limbo and won quite a few challenges.  My latest triumph was on my wedding day ....whilst wearing my dress.
  • I love the Australian soap, Neighbours - You'll find me catching up on it every day after work.
  • I am trying to learn to love Yoga.
  • I dream of owning a ginger Cocker Spaniel called Ralph.
  • I have just moved from the Norfolk countryside to London for teapigs.
  • My favourite tea is Rooibos (...with a splash of milk)
  • I am learning Afrikaans as my husband is South African. My favourite word currently is pikkewyntjie which means small penguin.
  • I studied Illustration at Bournemouth Arts University.
  • I like to dress our family Golden Retriever up for special occasions. Barclay currently has a lion’s mane and a Father Christmas outfit (pictured above) in his dressing up box.