Roll out the welcome mat - we've welcomed TWO new teapigs to the fold! Time to meet our newest customer service assistants, Catalina & Emily!

introduce yourself! who are you, and what will you be doing at teapigs?

catalina: Hi! I’m Catalina and I will be in the e-comms team as a customer service assistant.

emily: Hey! I'm Em and I am a customer service assistant - so I will be helping out with any queries and questions that might come our way!

what were you up to before you joined teapigs, and what made you apply for your role?

catalina: Before I joined teapigs I was transitioning into my new home (London) from Arizona. I applied for the role when my mother in-law sent over an advert for it and thought of me as I love tea. I had worked in the hospitality/customer service industry for over 8 years so I thought it would be a good fit. Another important factor for me applying to teapigs was their position and role in sustainability, community as well as being a B-Corp certified business. I knew they had to be good peeps!

emily: Before joining teapigs, I had just completed a degree in Forensic Psychology and had spent my time outside of uni working in an Escape Room and writing a novel (which is still in progress)! I applied for a role at teapigs because I practically lived off of their tea during my time at uni – it was great to find such a fantastic, environmentally friendly tea company, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity when I saw they were recruiting!

how have you found joining teapigs – especially during a pandemic!

catalina: It’s been quite smooth considering everything that has been going on. This could be partially attributed to being over a year into the pandemic but I think a lot has to do with the teapigs team and them being so supportive in making sure we are set up and good to go in all areas. Thanks Maria and Rachel G! 

emily: It has certainly been a strange one! Fortunately, the teapigs team were all there to help me through it – they have been incredible, so welcoming and helpful, and I love getting to know all their different roles and how they contribute to the company. I feel really at home (and not just because I work remotely!).

what are you most looking forward to about working at teapigs?

catalina: I am most looking forward to getting the world involved in drinking good quality tea that comes from ethical tea estates, is sustainable, and showing the world that it is possible to be part of a successful business that is continuing to grow and do more good than harm! 

emily: I'm most looking forward to representing a company that I have loved for so many years. It feels fantastic to know that I am giving back, not just to teapigs, but to our ethical schemes like The Point Foundation, and to our customers – who, like me, love a premium cuppa!

what’s your favourite teapigs blend?

catalina: My favourite teapigs blend is a close tie between earl grey strong and chai tea with some nice oat milk in it!

emily: Ah, an impossible question! I think I'd probably say jasmine pearls - although you can't be a classic everyday brew!

finally, give us a random fact about yourself...

catalina: I have travelled to 16 different countries and lived in Belize on a small island for 6 months where I learned to scuba dive and dove the Blue Hole. Fun Fact: Belize is where the 2nd largest barrier reef is located, next to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

emily: One time I was sneezed on by a rhino...

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