Haaallloooo there! So as the newest recruit to the teapigs team and having been here a few days now, I thought it only right to introduce myself and give you a little run down with 10 truly riveting facts about me:

  1. My name is Anna, I’m 23 & half Welsh.
  2. I would own hundreds of cats if I wasn’t 100% sure I would turn into a crazy cat lady almost immediately. 1 will have to do for now...
  3. I have a strange but serious phobia of balloons..! I know, weird. But the smell, the noise & the risk that they just might pop at any second is enough to bring me out in a cold sweat.
  4. In February I returned from a 6 month trip to China where I was living and teaching in a primary school in Guangdong. I plan to go back and continue teaching 7 year olds that Disney & Pizza are the best things the English speaking world has to offer!
  5. Since watching this years’ Marathon & cheering on a few of my friends, I have decided that at some point within the next few years I WILL run it myself.
  6. I am a big yoga lover and find that teapigs Matcha helps me ‘find my zen’.
  7. As a newly fledged teapig you’ll find me scouting out new places to stock our lovely tea & help spread the word.
  8. My favourite teapigs flavour has got to be either Green Tea with Mint or Jasmine pearls, mmmmm.
  9. The only broken bone I’ve ever had was my middle finger which resulted in a very weird/hilarious finger cast aged 8.
  10. My claim to fame is that as a baby I was the baby illustrated on the Pampers packets… in Switzerland.