Have you heard the news? We're SO excited to introduce you to our brand new Fenella Smith colour dip mug range! Available in four colours, blue, yellow, red and green, each mug is hand dipped so no two are the same - making it a little unique piece just for you.  To celebrate the launch, we chatted with Fenella to find out a little bit more about her and the range. 

who is Fenella?

That’ll be me… hello! I live in Henley on Thames with my family - Mr S, our 4 children and 2 (noisy) dogs. I have a thing about colour - my house is predominately white but accented with colours that I can adapt and change with the seasons. I think colour is so powerful and enhancing so in all the products I design from mugs to handbags colour is as the very core. 

what’s the inspiration behind the colour dip range?

I wanted to create a range that felt elegant but still celebrated colour and allowed those to chose to own the products to either go with a mix and match or a more purist approach to one uniform collection of one colour. The range will sit happily in any kitchen adding a little zest of colour without overwhelming.

what can we be excited about for 2021/2022?

The colour dip has been a resounding success so we are moving into Tableware - plates, bowls etc. I want this to be a range that you can be playful with for your everyday suppers. 

what’s your favourite tea?

There is a tea I have in Ile de Re at Villa Clarisse - I have no idea what it is but it tastes like holiday to me, I’m not sure I could drink it anywhere else! 

At home I am rather partial to teapigs peppermint leaves.. so much mint tea is essentially dust in a bag but teapigs mint tea is so sharp and refreshing - it tastes as divine cold as it does hot. 

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