Each month, we run a competition with our wonderful stockists, to find our stockist of the month! This month, their challenge was to show us their best matcha creation and the winner was Greenhood Coffee in Nottingham - demonstrating that matcha is just as mighty as coffee!
polaroids of winning pic

1. How long have you been a teapigs stockist and what made you choose our tea? 

We've been a stockist almost a year June 26th is our 1st birthday! I chose teapigs matcha because of the brilliant branding and the fact it's simply awesome to work with and tastes incredible. 


2. If you could only have one teapigs tea for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

It's going to have to be the matcha from teapigs. As much as I love all the wonderful flavours in the range the matcha is part of my daily routine. It gives me a much need boost in the afternoons and is uber healthy :D


3. How do you use teapigs matcha?

 At Greenhood we use matcha in every way we can and it's fast becoming a customer favourite, with nearly 1000 sold in under a year. (Remember we're a coffee house) We prepare it the traditional way with bamboo scoop, bamboo whisk and all drinks are served in traditional handmade Japanese match bowls. We have matcha tea at 88'C, matcha latte with some wicked latte art, matcha cake, iced matcha and recently we've been working on matcha hot chocolate, matcha smoothies and a matcha coffee ;D (watch this space)


4. Have there been any hiccups along the way?

I've been in the coffee industry for around 6 years and loved it. There is so much to learn and I had loads of ideas that I couldn't implement anywhere so I knew if I wanted to showcase my ideas I needed to create my own place which is why Greenhood now exists. So far everything has run smoothly :o hopefully that will continue (touch wood)


5. Have you ever had any exciting celeb customers? 

No celebrity visits yet, however I tag in Stephen Amell (Green Arrow tv series star) in pretty much every Instagram post to try and get his attention. If he would just tweet about us or acknowledge our existence that would be pretty sweet. I'm a bit of a geek and as the store is based on my Surname Archer and city legend Robin Hood I feel the Green Arrow ties in nicely ;D


6. Apart from tea (obviously!) what is your best seller? 

Our best seller is our Latte served with a double shot of espresso and textured milk in a 10oz cup, however our pour over coffees are catching up ;)

7. What’s the craziest customer request you’ve ever had?

Ah there are so many strange requests...I'm going to go with the lady that came and ordered Fish and chips...the girl who purely wanted to use my plugs for her phone (no drinks) was a near second.

If you live in the Nottingham area, be sure to pop in to Greenhood Coffee and pick up a matcha latte! 

Do you sell or serve teapigs teas and fancy being our next stockist of the month? Pop charlotte.l@teapigs.co.uk an email to find out more!