Making cocktails with tea is so popular these days - why not try a matcha martini the next time cocktail hour rolls around?

They are so easy to make and are perfect if you’re looking to try something a little different with your matcha.


1/2 teaspoon matcha powder

2 teaspoons cane sugar (or light agave syrup)

2 tablespoons water

2 shots vodka

seasonal fruit to decorate


Dissolve the matcha and sugar into the 2 tablespoons of water

Pour into a shaker full of ice, add the 2 vodka shots and shake shake shake

If you want to get fancy - rim a martini glass with sugar, pour in the cocktail and decorate with seasonal fruit

if it's too strong, add a little sparkling or soda water.


 Delicious! And if you concentrate really really hard you can convince yourself they are almost healthy..!