We’ve always known that our super power matcha green tea deserves special mention, after all which other teas can lay claim to:

But it’s always nice to hear that other people think it’s fab as well. So we were chuffed to see that Sophie Forte, beauty director at Harpers Bazaar,said in the November issue ‘I ingest green superfoods to nourish my skin…and…drink teapigs organic matcha constantly’.

Our facebook page has also received raving matcha reviews recently including:

  • It’s an incredible product and everyone should fit one into their day, 
  • I love matcha, 
  • matcha is awesome so healthy yet so versatile, I’d recommend it to anyone,
  • I started drinking matcha when I started on my diet and swear it helped me lose more than I would have otherwise. Plus bottled matcha water is really good for long night studying sessions!

Convinced? Buy a pack here and give matcha a go.

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