Last Friday to celebrate ‘love day’ we held a Secret Cupid exchange to spread a bit of love around the office, everyone had to pick another teapig out of a mug and then buy/make their chosen teapig a special present, they also had to include a little note to say why they think their chosen one is so awesome! teapig Valerie received an Italian love poem, hmmm, we wonder who this was from! and teapig Laura received some flapjacks, which were literally the size of breezeblocks, it’s going to take her at least a month to get through them! We also had to wear/bring in something we love – teapig Hayley is a HUGE Fulham fan, so wore her football shirt, I wore a t-shirt representing my favourite band ‘The Red Bullets’ and Nick bought his mum and dad in for a slice of cake in the afternoon! – very sweet indeed!

Cupid left a little bag on my desk, inside was a ‘keep calm and drink tea’ coaster, a cute little owl hand warmer and loads of lovehearts, but the BEST surprise of all, was Tom Varndell turning up at the office!!... thank you Cupid! for those of you who don’t know who Tom is (the majority of the office until a few months ago!), or do not have him on your calendar inside your wardrobe door, he is a professional rugby player for London Wasps! Tom is also a teapigs matcha fan, adding it to juices to provide an energy boost, we think he is truly ACE! and love him even more when he’s wearing these glasses!