I am just back from Nishio, Japan. Visiting our matcha farmers, having a ‘look see’ at the quality of this years production and selecting the very best for our teapigs organic matcha

The production of teapigs matcha is very unique here are some of the differences....

1. growing in the dark  

As spring begins the tea plants are shaded for 30 days – this cuts out 98% of sunlight. This sends the tea bushes into overdrive, they get super stressed and all the amino acid & chlorophyll content increases. This is key to producing the health benefits of matcha.

2. harvesting

First harvest in April and second harvest in July. The bushes are only plucked twice this is unlike any other type of tea production where during the season the leaves are plucked every 8 – 12 days. 

3. ground by granite

The finest quality hand plucked leaves are then ground to a very fine powder by traditional granite stones.