The first leg of the teapigs real tour had us heading to Lynmouth on the Devon coast for the annual LLAMA Music Festival.

Having both attended the event on previous occasions (as music fans) we were pleased to be attending the festival with Cedric and a plethora of our delicious whole leaf teas.

With Cedric and the support vehicle fully loaded we started the journey with the infamous Porlock hill at the forefront of our minds! We needn’t have worried, a total trip time of 1 hour 30 (inclusive of a few stops in lay-bys to let the tailbacks pass) we arrived safe, sound and gagging for a brew!

On arrival we were blown away (literally) by the severe weather warning winds, but also by the transformations undertaken to transform Lynmouth into festival mode for the LLAMA festival.

Over the three days onsite we were blessed with minimal rain and even moments of sunshine! A fantastic range of music genres throughout the festival, some personal favourites were RSVP and 3 Daft Monkeys there were also some brilliant acoustic sets in the LLAMA lounge.

Our ritual morning shots of matcha green tea powered us through the weekend and we saw its super energy boosting effects of matcha on a variety of faces throughout the weekend, turning some serious hungover-frowns upside down. We will continue to serve Matcha, both in shot format (£1) and hot drink (£1.50) for the rest of the tour. If you havn’t tried one already – you are in for a treat!

Thanks to the hundreds of festivals goers who purchased one of our brews over the three days, from the tea enthusiasts who sipped silver tips white tea to drunken dancers who downed the darjeeling earl grey.  We were impressed with the level of experimentation with several opting for the more obscure brews - chocolate flake and popcorn tea.  The moodometer was a popular auto-decision maker!

Special thanks to Emily who was with us for the whole weekend handing out samples throughout the event and taking some great photos. We had brilliant feedback on the 10pm chilli chai samplers!

All in all a great success for the first 3 days of the tour. For all the photos click here.

Next up is the Cider and Cheese festival at Quantock view… We hope to see you there!