This was what I told my bosses when I notified them that I’d be leaving the cheese business for the tea business. Working for a company like teapigs was just too good of an opportunity to pass up and I didn’t intend to!

I’ve been in the cheese and specialty food business for 12 years and never had a challenge like this come along - to usher a much-loved brand of British tea into the US and share with American tea lovers what so many in the UK already knew: teapigs is THE best tea experience you can have.

So I accepted the job as quickly as I could and hopped the next flight to London to immerse myself in the teapigs way of life. I’ve been here for a week, sipping and tasting, listening and absorbing, laughing and learning, all about teapigs! Now I’m off, back to the US to spread what I’ve learned…and to get rid of those nasty, dusty teabags!

(Above are a few pictures from our teapigs evening out last night at Franco Manca in Chiswick!)