After much anticipation and excitement in teapigs HQ we have finally launched our super power green tea drink. As you all know we absolutely love getting our matcha fix, as do most of you, and one of the tastiest ways to drink matcha is mixed in with fruit juice. Lots of you are very busy bees so being able to grab a matcha on-the-go is just (awful joke alert) a match-a made in heaven. Perfect for those of you who need a bit of super power before a day at work, a hard days studying, a big gym session (or a little gym session for that matter) or just to stop the afternoon slump!

Ideal for giving you buckets of sprightliness our super power green tea drinks have all natural ingredients, no added sugar, less than 32 calories per 100ml and a high water content. With 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea in just one cup of matcha and 9 times the beta-carotene of spinach you definitely don’t want to miss out, you can grab them HERE and we have lots of stockists all around the country if you just can’t wait for the postie to drop them off!