As you may have spotted, teapigs turned 8 last week. We got thinking about what the world was like on that day 8 years ago – the day teapigs founders Nick and Louise started their real tea mission. What else didn’t exist at the time and just what has the world gained in the last 8 years? I’ve been investigating…    

-          THE IPHONE!!! Introduced June 29th 2007 – on my 15th birthday – a great day for all. ;)

-          Instagram- created 2010 – how did people know what our food/pets looked like before then?!

-          One Direction – not sure if this is a good or bad thing….

-          Netflix in the UK! It was invented in 1997, but came to Europe inc. UK in 2012.

-          The large hadron Collider – after 14 years of effort it was completed in 2008

-          The cronut – invented by Chef Dominique Ansel in 2013

-          And Kickstarter – Crowdsourcing at its finest was invented in 2010

We wonder what the next 8 years has in store for us…