Spring has sprung, and it's got us at Teapigs HQ feeling as chirpy as a robin in a worm shop. So, we're rolling out the green carpet for our absolute fave chilly bevvy – the one and only Iced Matcha Latte. 

Matcha naturally contains caffeine, it's less than what you get in a cup of coffee. It gives a vibrant lift without the nervous jitters that can accompany coffee consumption, and regular matcha drinkers often report a steady, digestible energy throughout the day!


You will need:                    

  • Matcha powder
  • Your choice of milk – alternative milks are our preference here.
  • Ice
  • A whisk
  • Sweetener (optional)

Our simple iced matcha latte recipe:

  1. Using a hand held whisk, whizz up 1g matcha (or 1 matcha latte sachet) with a splash of milk. We love brown rice or almond milk as they add a natural sweetness.
  2. Add your ice
  3. Pour over the rest of your milk
  4. Give it a quick mix together
  5. Feel free to add in a squeeze of honey or agave syrup if you've got a sweet tooth.

 And that’s it - we told you it was simple!

Experiment with different milks – our go to is brown rice milk, but all alternative milks work really well with matcha (oat milk is also a new winner!).

Share your creations with us! Use the hashtag #teapigs on your social channels. Show off your lattes, your smiles, your sips - we're here for all of it.