the low down on Natureflex - our new plastic-free packaging!

Right, you’ve got your plastic-free tea sorted in the form of a fully biodegrable teapigs tea temple – but oh wait, it comes wrapped in a million layers of plastic. JOY. This was a real struggle for us, as freshness is crucial when it comes to brewing the perfect cuppa - but the great thing is there are alternatives to plastic wrap. 

Up until 6 months ago, we used a polypropylene plastic bag to hold our tea temples. However, knowing there must be a greener option, we did some research, and hey-presto, ALL our tea temples are now packed into Natureflex – a fab material made from wood pulp that is fully compostable at home. The geniuses at Futamura have figured out how to convert renewable wood pulp into airtight packaging, which means that the clear inner bag which keeps your delicious tea fresh is now compostable! ( changer right!?) 

All our teas are now being packed in Natureflex, meaning they’re filtering through to shelves near you as we speak! As with all major production changes, please do bear with us while we fully switch over -  as there will be a bit of cross over for teapigs packs out in the wild.

The Natureflex packs do look pretty similar, but simply use the good ol' scrunch test to see whether your pack is compostable. If it holds its shape like the image above, you know it’s Natureflex. If it pings back, it’ll be plastic, so pop it in the recycling where possible. Natureflex also starts to turn slightly yellowish when you've been scrunching it for a while. 

The switch has allowed us to become the FIRST tea company awarded the Plastic-Free Trust Mark by A Plastic Planet - awesome news all round! 

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