Call us crazy, but you’ll rarely find us outside the M25 without an emergency supply of tea in our bags – let alone jetting off on holiday without it! Amazingly, it turns out we are not alone as a new survey has revealed just how much us Brits like a proper cuppa when travelling.

ABTA luxury holiday specialist Sun-hat Villas & Resorts quizzed 1,300 holidaymakers about their travel habits, with the results showing the extent to which we crave our home comforts when visiting a foreign destination.

When asked about the items they always pack in their suitcase, a whopping 38% of travellers said they take teabags with them to ensure a good English cuppa. A staggering 70% don’t make use of free resort toiletries, choosing to take their own shower gels, shampoos and conditioners (we’re definitely all about those freebies) whilst one in five people prefer to use their own towel rather than the ones provided.

Other notable answers to the question included a dishcloth, washing powder, a full sized coffee machine and capsules, frozen bacon and electrical fuses – when we asked around the office, loo roll was strangely high on the list also.

When it comes to the things people miss most when away, home comforts firmly top the list. If you’ve made the upgrade at home, why settle for a dusty cuppa when you’re really meant to be treating yourself? Whether you stash a piglet pack in your hand luggage for the plane, or a big pack for your hotel room – there’s no reason to go without your favourite brew this summer.  

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If you're one of the 38% be sure to stock up in time for your summer travels: