Hello! I'm Sarah, the newest recruit to the teapigs clan! :)

Other than spending the day drinking tea, I'll be dealing with all our lovely online customers, ensuring that you get the best customer service possible! To be honest, I'm quite interested to see just how bizarre questions about tea can get..the weirder the better in my opinion!

Just to give you a bit of an idea about who I am, here's ten facts about lil ol me:

  1. First things first, I have a slight phobia of having photos taken by myself – so finding the above pics was a particular challenge! The incredibly awkward ‘thumbs up pose’ is a speciality of mine.
  1. I once packed up all my worldly goods and went to live in Vancouver for the best part of a year – I believe that's what they call a mid-twenties crisis
  1. Glastonbury festival is my happy place and I am lucky enough to be going for the fifth time next year! (Bonus fact: I met my boyfriend at Glasto 2013 – when someone's seen you sat in a bin bag in the pouring rain, covered in mud whilst drinking a pint of wine and STILL wants to see you again.. you know he's a keeper!)
  1. I was a hardcore veggie for 10 years however this year I made the switch to become a pescetarian (ooo controversial)
  1. Arrested Development is without doubt my favourite TV show and I unashamedly have a huge woman crush on Lucille Bluth (what a woman!)
  1. Thanks to my dad I am possibly the only 24 year old woman with their very own top 5 favourite Carry on films (Cabby, Camping, Girls, Regardless and Abroad if you were wondering..)
  1. Despite having no real hobbies other than binge watching TV shows, I have a number of hobbies I am convinced I would be good at if only I pursued them from a younger age (drums and netball being prime examples)
  1. I once earned the nickname 'Golden eye' during a particularly amazing game of beer pong. (clearly living out my failed netball dream through beer pong)
  1. I am completely and utterly obsessed with Les Miserables – at this moment in time I've seen the stage show 7 times and have absolutely no intention of stopping there.
  1. Before starting at teapigs my favourite tea was undoubtedly peppermint..however, one week in and everything has changed! Apple and Cinnamon has come out of nowhere to make a serious bid for the top spot!