Hello! I’m the new  “other” Amy.  Although spelt differently from Amie, this has proved not to be a very helpful difference to anyone calling up wanting to speak to… Amie…or… Amy.  So I suppose it might be best to officially introduce myself as Amy Y.

My favourite tea is peppermint leaves, as it acts as my defence against an over indulgence of dairy the night before. I’m one of those lactose intolerant people who foolishly refuse to live without cheese and icecream (they are just too yummy to give up).

I’m also half Japanese, so when I found out that teapigs were producing matcha tea, I knew I had to work for them. Whenever I come back from a trip to visit my father and sisters in Tokyo, my suitcase is always stuffed with matcha flavoured treats (matcha mochi anyone?).

My three biggest loves are pug dogs, my Welsh boyfriend, and all things matcha flavoured (naturally).

If you are a teapigs trade customer or one of our lovely brand ambassadors, you will most likely speak to me lots.