Hi, I´m Cindy Eun Thoroddsen, teapigs tea lady from Iceland (originally from Malaysia) :) It´s a great pleasure for giving me the opportunity to flew over UK for teapigs seminar a few weeks ago. Great experienced and better knowledge of tea for sure! I would love to thank my great host teapig Valerie for the warm host and friendly teapigs staffs especially teapigs Hayley and Rosie. It´s an honour to meet our founders of teapigs –Nick and Louise. Not forgetting the nice gentleman teapig James who helped me with the heavy luggage and also teapigs packers Reggie and Junior. Thanks and nice to meet you all .  Cheers with a cup of tea to you all !!

It´s amazing and awesome to see teapigs in so many cool shops, departmental stores and cafes in UK. Good tea should be spread around the world !! I´m trying my best to do the same in Iceland  :) There are so much more to explore in tea world ! Enjoy teapigs varieties, you´ll be amaze how the simple tea leaves can infuse a special moment for you !