DID YOU KNOW THERE IS A PRETTY IMPORTANT FOOTBALL MATCH ON TONIGHT?! Yes, well we are pretty excited about it but we know footy may not be everyone’s bag so we have come up with some alternative things you can do tonight during those 90 minutes. See how many you can fit in before the world cup is over!

Crochet an English breakfast. Or Nutella. Or a cupcake. Or..

Teach yourself to speak the language of every world cup team

Feng Shui your house

Grow a ‘little shop of horrors’ plant and set it on anyone who mentions football in your house

It’s 16 years today since Mulan came out in the cinema, celebrate by reacting the film in your front room

Learn to Morris Dance (again, front room is ideal for this)

Go indoor rock climbing

Bake a croquembouche, or if that’s too easy – try a couple of these Disney cakes

Re-read all your Point Horror books

Build your town out of Lego

Take up baton twirling

Start training your dog for next year’s Crufts

Cross stitch a list of sports that are better than football

Listen to the Very Best of Dire Straights

Go to musical bingo

 One of the teapigs is especially keen to avoid the football tonight, and that’s our tea frog Valerie:

“Being the Frog in the teapigs team, I will give the England match a miss tonight, will make sure I have my ear plugs on and my headphones, avoid all the pubs in Buckinghamshire (there are 5 in my village!) have an early night sleep to be ready to support the French team tomorrow! Allez la France!! However I do like when England are playing because there will be no cars on the road –  M4 & M25 empty…. My dream!”

If you aren’t watching the football tonight, what are you doing – let us know in the comments below!!