We’re excited for a fab new teapig to join us over the busy summer months as a brand ambassador. This is a paid, 3 month internship, perfect for a student, or recent graduate, who wants to gain some experience in a young, fast paced office. You’ll be getting stuck straight in helping out at shows, exhibitions and festivals – aka, lots of smiling, sampling, selling and chatting to customers about all things tea! 

So that you can get a little feel for what life at teapigs is like, we chatted to Jasmin and Thomas who are part of team grocery – the team you’d be working closely with...


tell us a little about your role at teapigs


thomas: I’m in the grocery team, and look after selling tea into our 'icon accounts' and all the stuff that goes with that i.e. lots of in-store samplings and organising marketing activity to support.

jasmin: Like Thomas said, our team looks after everywhere you can buy a pack of teapigs, whether that be Waitrose, Selfridges or Planet Organic. I also look after high street ‘icon’ accounts, where I'm responsible for sales and marketing within these accounts. I’m currently ensuring everything is sorted for Christmas 2019 (in July!!), and showing our exciting new products to retailers.

did you always dream of a life in tea?

thomas: I’ve always been pretty obsessed with tea but had only ever drunk dusty tea bags, so obviously not obsessed enough! I had some experience in the food and drink industry and was really lucky to be recommended teapigs.

jasmin: I spent a few years after uni travelling/living in Asia, Australia and New Zealand – I had a blast and only wanted to come home if I could find a job that really got me excited. And here I am!

can you talk us through a typical day?

thomas: With the launch of our new cold brew teas, recently we’ve had lots of meetings with buyers and now it’s on the shelves, we want to make sure people know about it! So there are lots of pop ups and marketing activity throughout the summer to support our accounts. So it’s quite changeable but a typical day will always involve drinking a lot of tea!  

jasmin: No two days are the same, which I love! For example, this morning I had a meeting with a buyer, tomorrow I'm hosting a tea school with Planet Organic, where Andy (from the trade team) and I will teach their team everything they need to know about tea, and then I’m at a supplier event with Sainsbury’s at the end of the week. What I love about teapigs is that everyone mucks in - you might think you have a quiet day ahead, but then someone suddenly needs 80 jars labelling and we all pitch in!

what’s the best thing about life at teapigs?

thomas: Definitely the people and the culture. As well as an amazing team in the office, you also get to meet some great people through the variety of accounts that we sell to. I’ve also loved launching the new cold brew teas and pitching it to our accounts.

jasmin: Has to be the people - without sounding SUPER cliché, we are like one big family. I love how we all sit around eating lunch together, if we're not out by the river boxing or doing 1000 burpees in our fitness classes.

top tip for someone applying for a role, or at the interview?

thomas: I wrote a song, so I’d probably recommend that!

jasmin: Come prepared, and let your personality shine through in the interview. Once you’re here, get stuck in – the answer is always yes!

Interested in applying? Of course you are! Read more information about the role here - or pop your CV and cover letter (they're our favourite bit!) over to suzie@teapigs.co.uk explaining why you'd love to join us.