We’ve joined forces with beautiful stationery brand and Brentford neighbour, Martha Brook, to host a litter Clean-Up for Keep Britain Tidy’s #GreatBritishSpringClean campaign.

Keep Britain Tidy are calling on Litter Heroes everywhere to help improve the environment in the area right outside their doorsteps. They’re hoping to have 500,000 people join and do some litter picking and recycling with local businesses or community groups.

We loved the sound of being Litter Heroes, so teamed up with Martha Brook, who are a mere 10-minute walk away from us, to host a litter Clean-Up in our local area of Brentford, west London. 

Luckily, the sun was shining for us, making all those discarded crisp packets really glisten. Within an hour, we'd managed to fill TEN recycling bags - we were shocked just how much rubbish there was within 10 minutes of our office, especially as so much of it was easily recyclable. 

There's definitely power in numbers - so why not get a group together, head out for half an hour and help clean up your streets! We all headed back to teapigs HQ afterwards for a well-deserved cuppa and pack of biscuits...which we definitely recommend.