Father’s Day will be here before we know it (Sunday 16th June – you’re welcome) so we thought it would be fun to survey our office and find out which tea everyone’s dad likes to drink most! We predicted everyday brew would come out top (after all, it’s a classic) and out of 13 of us, 9 said everyday brew was their dads fave. Here’s what some of us said:

Nicole: Everyday brew! I have to take some with me every time I see my folks.

Sofia: Everyday brew with a cooked breakfast.

Andy: Everyday brew – Big Tony B loves a brew in the garden!

Almost everyone’s dad seemed to branch out and drink other blends too; well, we suppose they’d have to considering their child works for a tea company. Some dad’s even had a little routine going on – our co-founder Louise’s dad drinks every day brew four times throughout the day, and then a peppermint before bed…very nice! Rooibos, lemon & ginger, chamomile and earl grey strong are also loved by our dads, and we totally agree that they’re delicious.

How about treating your dad to a nice tea this Father’s Day? Here’s a handy guide for some gift inspiration…


If your dad is busy glugging down 4-5 cuppas a day, firstly we applaud him, and secondly, we highly recommend our tea bundles. You’ll save 10% compared to buying the teas individually – bargain!

pick n' mix

Our lovely pick n’ mix box allows you to choose up to 12 different piglet packs, each containing 2 tea temples – that’s one for you, and one for him, perfect! It’s a great way to introduce him to the wonderful world of tea and encourage him to try some new blends.


Whether your dad is a health and fitness fanatic, or just in need of a little pick me up, our matcha starter kit is the perfect answer. We love matcha as it’s just so versatile – it can be used to make a latte, added to a smoothie, used as a cereal topper… the possibilities are endless! Take a look at our 30 day matcha challenge and discover all the benefits you can impress him with.

something to read...

If your dad likes tea AND reading then why not treat him to a book written by our co-founders, Nick and Louise? There are two to choose from, The Book of Tea and The Book of Matcha. Full of fun facts and info about the history of tea… he’ll become a tea geek in no time! These books also have plenty of yummy recipes too, but if cooking is more your thing than his, then why not give one of the recipes a go yourself and enjoy it with him on the day. Nothing says ‘love you dad’ more than a homemade treat. Take a look out our recent matcha doughnut recipe blog if you’re feeling adventurous.

teapigs teaware 

So you’ve got the tea, now all you need is some nice, sturdy teaware to drink it from. From environmentally friendly keep-cups to teapigs branded oak tea timers and even our super cute mug and piglet bundle we've got a whole bunch of stuff to choose from. Check out our full range of teaware here.             

So there we have it, our hypothesis was proved correctly… everyday brew has been crowned the winner amongst dads. Let us know which blend your dad loves on Twitter, @teapigs! And to those who find this day a little tough for whatever reason, we're thinking of you and sending lots of love!

Still looking for more gift ideas?