Stumbling across this delightful set of rules on the brewing of a perfect cup of tea according to George Orwell couldn’t have happened at a better time for me - my book club this month have been reading none other than 1984, meaning I had no choice but to indulge in an everyday brew to accompany my reading.

 It’s a teeny yet brilliant insight into the life of the great writer. I hope he would have come round to the idea of bags had he been around today, or else he may have only been interested in the teapigs loose tea range.  However, I totally agree with all other points for the perfect cuppa:

-  must be strong (he’d have been a big fan of our powerful Pfunda everyday brew tea then)

-  6 heaped teaspoons and no bags (I’m sold on the temples personally, so not sure if I’d agree with eating some of the leaves!)

-  tea in first (I’m a stickler for this one, although he does agree that it’s a controversial move!)

-  no sugar (couldn’t agree more with him – why oh why should you need to sweeten such a delightful drink?)

You can read the full speech on how George was drinking his tea whilst writing his timeless books on the fantastic website Brain Pickings – a website for anyone with a curious mind!

How much of Orwell’s rules do you agree with?