Nothing makes us feel more Christmassy than festive films. Whether weepys, rom coms or the ‘so –bad-they-are-actually-good’, we love a bit of movie watching at this time of year. Here are some of our favourites!

Becky: Mine is The Santa Clause, which I know is a terrible film, but I’ve watched it whilst eating my breakfast on Christmas day ever since I was little.

Juliana: Love Actually, it’s just cute.

Laura: The First Snow of Winter…it’s about a duck who loses his family, makes me cry every time :(

Jack: Love Actually is the prime Christmas movie – comedy, drama, and the reality that not everyone gets their happy ending (oooooh deep)

Nick: The Great Escape – was always on over Christmas when I was a kid. Steve McQueen, so cool.

Valerie: A James bond film with Sean Connery  - why, because I can relax with my feet up on the sofa and a glass of champagne.

Rosie: Love, Actually. Yes I am mildly embarrassed by this but it’s the only one that gets me feeling ‘Christmas’

Sharon: Gremlins gets my vote!

Amy: Nightmare before Christmas – it’s the first film (to memory) where I thought ‘I LOVE this film’

Nicole: Bad Santa, The Apartment and Oliver Twist

Sarah: Muppet Christmas Carol – love it!

Reece: National Lampoons: Christmas vacation – I’ve watched it every single year for as long as I can remember, it’s become a bit of a tradition. Home alone comes in a very close second.

Louise: The snowman - walking in the air tra la!

Rachel: Miracle on 34th Street – but it has to be the 1994 version for me – I love it, it’s enough to make anyone believe in the magic of christmasssss!!! :)

Let us know your favourites in the comments below :)