As you may have noticed there is quite a lot of sport and games happening this summer, something called the Olympics? 

Whether this has inspired you to join a local sports team, or just watcha enthusiastically from the sofa, teapigs organic matcha is here to give you that extra energy burst.

Matcha contains two special amino acids called theophylline and L-theanine that work to provide a sustained energy boost lasting up to 6 hours. Plus in our January study of over 700 people who drank teapigs organic matcha every day for two weeks – 80% said they had a noticeable increase in their energy levels!

And if that's not impressive enough matcha will be fuelling 5 World Record Attempts next year!

Laura Penhaul and her team of coxless rowers are a four woman crew that will be rowing the Pacific in 2013. They will be rowing over 1700 n. miles from California to Cairns, Australia, via Hawaii and Samoa and will take approximately 6 months to complete. As a four, they will be rowing in pairs, rotating between two hours rowing and two hours resting. 

Laura has been drinking matcha to help with her training and this is what she has to say about it:

'I thankfully heard about Matcha through our Nutritionalist at work and have loved it ever since. Matcha has worked amazingly to give me energy and boost my alertness prior to training, particularly when I hit my low times mid afternoon and need to do an evening training session. teapigs matcha is a key ingredient to add to our nutrition for the row. It is lightweight and only a small dose is needed to give us our daily hit of anti-oxidants plus it works as a natural stimulant'. 

Good luck to Laura and her team!