Lots of people have asked us why don’t you offer an everyday regular tea? Something that can be drunk instead of the big branded slop found in every supermarket. Well, we do and always have, it’s our signature blend, english breakfast. So to make it absolutely clear that this isn’t some fancy tea just to be drunk by noble people on special occasions we’ve renamed it everyday brew. Pure and simple. A tea for everyone at anytime of the day. Don’t worry, it’s the same great tea inside so there will be no surprises if you are a regular drinker.

However, something that is new about everyday brew is the fact that for every pack we sell, we’ll be making a contribution towards our ethical scheme, currently supporting Noel Orphanage in Rwanda. The orphanage is adjacent to the tea estate from where we source much of our tea. We’ll be donating 5p from each 15s pack and 15p from every 50s pack to the orphanage. A little goes a very long way to improve the lives of the 600+ children who live there and these contributions will make a significant difference. As well as drinking lots of everyday brew we continue to encourage you to make donations when shopping online with us which we’ll continue to match, like for like. Learn more about our ethical scheme here.