Let me take you back to around this time last year, and a day of great excitement at teapigs HQ. We often get customers turning up to our office – we don’t have a shop here but we do have lots of teas in our warehouse next door with teapig Reggie so are happy to sell our wares when anyone pops by. A very nice man arrived to buy some of our matcha – nothing new there, except when he left teapig Tori had a near melt down. It was none other than Rugby ace Tom Varndell!! After we had composed ourselves, we sent him a little tweet and he became a firm friend of teapigs (He even joined in on our Valentine’s Day party this year – cue more swooning from Tori)

Tom, along with his Wasps team mates Will and Ben have recently set up their Fitness Burners personal training company, and for the last few months have been whipping us teapigs into shape with an hours long training session each week. They know how hard it can be to keep the exercise and healthy eating momentum going as we move into Autumn/Winter so have some top energy tips for you from Fitness Burners:


Egg yolks are naturally rich in B vitamins which are responsible for converting food into energy, they also have vitamin D to maintain strong bones. A great start to the day would be a protein packed meal of a whole eggs with four egg whites – throw in some veggies too, you can’t go wrong!


High in energising nutrients and exercise friendly carbs, these little green guys are also packed with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids – great brain food!

Whole grain cereals

High fibre whole grains slow the release of glucose into the blood stream – this ultimately leads to more consistent energy levels throughout the day – perfect if you’re training after work.


Green is truly the colour of health! Chlorophyll (the element that gives green tea its signature colour) is a powerful detoxifier. And because matcha is carefully shade grown, it is substantially rich in chlorophyll than other green tea, making it a superior daily detox. Matcha drinkers also experience a boost of energy throughout the day. A recent study found that matcha improved physical endurance by 24%! But, even if you aren’t facing a gruelling workout, matcha can help you throughout the everyday marathon of life, giving you the energy to get through all everyday tasks.

Excellent tips, we’ll be sure to put those into practise to get us through the dark winter days to come! Make sure to follow Fitness Burners on twitter and facebook for more tips, and if you’re in the West London area pop down to one of their sessions, they are awesome!