Need an energy boost that’s delicious and guilt free? Try The Detox Kitchen Matcha bars, using teapigs Matcha we have created a fast and healthy recipe to keep in your fridge.

 Why Matcha?

teapigs source only the finest quality tea leaves from Japan and have labeled it the superhero of teas and we couldn’t agree more!

1 serving is equivalent to 15 cups of normal green tea, boosts the metabolism, is extremely high in antioxidants and can raise your energy levels. WOW.

Therefore we decide to include this little hero in our own tasty energy bars :)

 Matcha Energy Bars

•              Desiccated Coconut 50g

•              teapigs Matcha – 2 servings matcha

•              Dates – 10 small ground down

•              Ground Almonds/flour 50g

•              Egg white x 2

•              1 tbs honey


1) Pre heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius

2) Add the ground almonds and coconut to the bowl

3) Mix the dates into the bowl with your fingers, blending dates with the mixture

4) Add the matcha and mix until bright green

5) Add the honey and mix thoroughly

6) Add the 2 egg whites

7) Place in the oven for 10 minutes