Last weekend I ticked one of the ‘to do in life’ things off the list - I ate a deep fried mars bar. 

My trip to Glasgow a few weeks ago had proved fruitless in the search for this famed ‘chippy dessert’ but last weekend in Edinburgh, the challenge was on.  After a little strategic googling, we had word that a good place to go was the Clam Shell on the main High St. Sure enough, there was the advertisement in the window - ‘deep fried mars bar’.  Once inside we discovered that in fact, there were several confectionary delights that could be battered and fried – twix, bounty, cadburys crème egg to name but a few. These were all available to buy in the chip shop, but of course you can take in your own favourite chocolate bar and give it the full Scottish treatment.  The only things that weren’t allowed were m&ms, malteasers and skittle – too fiddly apparently! 

So –you’re wondering – was it as disgusting as it sounds?! For me – no, it was pleasantly delicious and actually much less sickly than envisaged.  The heat had made the mars bar superbly gooey inside…think warm chocolate fudge cake.  But at 1000 calories a go it’s not regular treat, in fact, I think once in a life time is just enough.