Coco Momo and Mel’s café bars are all launching teapigs organic matcha lattes this week. So if you’re in London town and in need of a matcha fix head over to one of their venues in Holborn, Marylebone, Kensington or Earlsfield.

teapigs matcha is 100% natural and organic green tea leaves ground down to a fine powder and when added to hot frothy milk it makes a great matcha latte. A matcha latte will give you a slow release of natural energy that lasts up to six hours, so it’s perfect to get you going in the morning or if you’re looking for an energy boost after lunch.

Matcha is also packed full of antioxidants and nutrients so makes a great detox cuppa.   

Coco Momo have three café bars in Holborn, Marylebone and Kensington, they are all open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a fab evening cocktail list.

Mel’s café bar in Earlsfield is also open from breakfast with a great outdoor seating area.