If you’ve been following the teapigs blog throughout wonderful matcha may, you’ll have spotted that we are super excited to have cricket star Chris Wright on board as our tea tester/blogger! He’s been enjoying matcha over the last month and monitoring the positive effects it’s been having on his energy and recovery levels.

 “After a month of matcha I am feeling great. I’m sure most of my teammates are as well the amount of times I would catch them dipping into my tub.

 The last few days have been a test however. I have finished my tub!! On the plus side it has given me a chance to compare with coffee again. In the last couple of mornings instead of my usual matcha I have had a black coffee with no sugar. Now I am a fan of coffee but it just doesn’t compare with matcha.

 The morning coffee provides a bit of energy but I found it didn’t last as long particularly through a long mornings training or playing. With matcha I would find I would go home from training and be energised and productive rather than wanting to crash out on the sofa.

 I’m sure Matcha knocks coffee for six when it comes to other health benefits as well. As well as being a tasty drink to enjoy I also see this as a sports/health supplement. I plan to keep taking it now as part of my regular supplement and nutrition plan.”

 Great stuff! Chris is also armed with a full range of teapigs tea so keep checking the teapig blog and twitter feed for his next post!