We are very excited at teapigs to have joined forces with tea fan and cricketing star Chris Wright! Already a devotee of our mao feng green tea he was super keen to give our matcha a go to see what efforts that would have on his training and energy levels. A day at the wicket certainly requires you to be on your toes and all the practising all afternoon in the nets is bound to take it out of you! But we think matcha is just the thing – it provides 4-6 hours of slow release energy, unlike drinking coffee which can lead you to ‘crash and burn’. Plus it’s full of antioxidants which may help give recovery a much needed boost.

Bowling ace Chris will be writing a few post for the teapigs blog on how he gets on throughout Matcha May, take it away Chris!

 "Hi Tea lovers!

 My name is Chris Wright and I am a professional cricketer for Warwickshire county cricket club and the England Lions cricket team. Most importantly I am a huge tea fan although this has not always been the case.

 A couple of years ago I was at a bit of a crossroads in my career. Things weren't going quite as well as I would have liked on the field and my then club Essex decided not to offer me a new deal. Fortunately I had some interest from a couple of other teams and this was a chance to kick-start things. I ended up joining Warwickshire and decided this was going to be the start of a healthier and more professional lifestyle. So far the move has gone extremely well and I can probably attribute some of my success to green tea and more specifically, Teapigs Mao Feng green tea! Green tea has been a massive part of my diet since moving. Having never previously drank it I decided it might help me and give me the edge I have been looking for due to its amazing health benefits. I believe its really helped me with focus and energy for games, as well as keeping me lean and helping eliminate oxidative stress. It is also thought to help increase testosterone which is perfect for a professional sportsman.

 Since the move to Warwickshire and my new tea driven healthy lifestyle we were 2011 runners up in the county championship, 2012 winners of the county championship and finalists of the Clydesdale Bank cup. Personally I was leading wicket taker in 2012 and Warwickshire player of the year. I was also in the top 4 nominated for the professional cricketer’s association player of the year. In the winter just gone I was selected for the England performance squad and the England Lions team. My ambition is to play for the full England team and hopefully if I can continue as I am that is the next step.

 The next step for me on the tea front is to try 'Matcha' and see its effects! I will be trying it throughout May and recording how it’s going and whether it is helping me on and off the field."


Great stuff! Who else is now dreaming of a nice sunny day watching cricket? Bliss! Keep your eyes peeled on the teapigs blog to read how Chris gets on as he continues to use matcha and in the mean time, head over to our matcha page to learn more.