The second leg of the teapigs real tea tour took us to Quantock View, a picturesque location on the edge of the Quantock Hills.

The Quantock View’s converted barn, marquees, lovely grounds and a brilliant turnout made for a brilliant day at the Cheese and Cider festival.

With 18 different ciders and 23 varieties of cheese (plus 22 varieties of tea) there was enough to keep everyone busy including the Cheese Olympics which consisted of Apple Smashing, Cheese Tossing, Cheese Shy and the Relay. The live bands played throughout the day and provided the beat for some certainly unique dance moves.

Alongside our usual array of snacks there were also scones and cream which when combined with one of our brews was an unbeatable combination.

Our favourite cider (Lilley’s Sunset) matched with our favourite cheese (Scrumpy cheddar) was a match made in heaven!

The conversations certainly got more interesting as the night progressed, including a barrage of questions such as “why the name peatigs?!” – a very entertaining evening!

We were glad to see the teas being enjoyed by all guests, not just the designated drivers. 

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