Meet chamomile – the friendliest flower around. This bright bit of flora is packed full of sunshine and cheer, and it does wonders for your relaxation levels too.

what does it taste like?

This little bud of sunshine gets its name from the Ancient Greek khamai meaning earth, and melon meaning apple – named aptly for its soft, sweet, appley scent. Originally discovered on the banks of Ancient Egypt, there are lots of varities grown all around the world. We use the german chamomile, grown in Croatia, for a soft, floral, and sweet favour.

what does it do?

For as long as we’ve known about this little flower, it’s been used for all sorts of treatments. In the Ancient world, chamomile was used from everything from medicine to skincare – and modern studies have shown they weren’t too far off, as chamomile has been shown to help protect cells and tissues from oxidation!

These days, we all know and love chamomile as one of the best bedtime aids, as it helps to maintain a healthy sleep as well as supporting your immune system – leaving your body happy & relaxed, ready to drift off when the sandman visits.

but what about caffeine?

Like most herbal teas, chamomile is naturally caffeine-free – no wonder it’s so good at helping out at bedtime. Technically speaking, chamomile isn’t really a tea, as it doesn’t contain the tea bush, camellia sinensis, so is actually an infusion or tisane – but we aren’t pedants, so an honourary tea status is granted. It’s a big warm hug in a mug, after all. how do I drink it? As an infusion, chamomile can stand 100 degree water, and we’d recommend a 3 minute brew time. Classically, we’d recommend a big, warm mug right before bed – but that doesn’t have to be the only way you brew it! Why not try it as an iced tea, or with a splash of your favourite clear spirit if you’re feeling a little more grown up.

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