Whether you like it sweet and super milky or ‘au naturel’, this time of year is perfect for chai. Traditionally brewed on the streets of India by ‘chai wallahs’  (tea sellers) this blend of black tea and spices is now super popular the world over. Each chai wallah has his own variation on a basic recipe of black tea and spices – often a traditional family recipe handed down the generations.  Chai wallahs have unique sales call which can be heard above the hustle and bustle – chaaaaaaa-iiiiiiiiiiiii-eeeee – which gets the attention of thirsty passers by.  Whilst you may not have the traditional clay cups which you find on the streets of india,  it won’t stop you brewing up your very own warming chai.  Armed with our very own whole leaf and whole spice chai and this handy latte recipe you can have your own heart-warming tea whenever you fancy it without having to leave the house...

  • take one teapigs chai tea temple and place in your mug or latte glass
  • cover 1/3 glass with hot water – enough to cover your temple
  • let it brew for 3-5 minutes
  • while your chai brews heat up some milk (and ideally froth with a milk frother)
  • top up the chai concentrate with the milk and add sugar to taste
  • add a little spoonful of honey if you want to sweeten and some cinnamon on top for a little extra spice
  • yum!

teapigs Hannah makes a chai latte to rival the finest chai wallah and if you think you've got what it takes to then we’d love to see your work!  Send us a picture via our facebook and twitter pages and if you make an extra special one there may be a prize for your efforts – so get frothing!!