An update on our ethical scheme:

The teapigs house

There are now 24 children and young people with disabilities (PWD's) in Rwanda being cared for by the Point Foundation in community-based homes. teapigs donations contribute in loads of different ways, but we’ve now got something super special to update you on – the teapigs house!

We have chosen to channel regular funding into the purchase and maintenance of the largest of these homes, supporting some of the most vulnerable PWD's including 3 who are wheelchair-bound for life. We’re particularly excited that they now have a chicken coop, pen and chickens to provide nutrition, education and possibly even some additional income for the households.

The PWD'ss have been in their new homes for 3 months now. The change to their living and daily routines has been quite radical, but they are adjusting and flourishing. Sharon Gallagher, CEO of the Point Foundation, has recently been out for a visit so keep your eyes peeled for more updates!