It’s been a pretty stellar year for us folk at teapigs, so we thought we’d take a few minutes to reflect on the good, the great, the drunk and the oh my god, why was no one filming that.

First things first, we moved into swanky new offices – far too swanky for the likes of us. It’s a miracle no one has started a fire yet. We gained 6 lovely new teapigs who all slotted in perfectly to the teapigs clan. We celebrated the first annual teapigs sports day - It was a success in so much that there were minimal tears, and no one died. teapig Reece got a bit too worked up at a friendly pub quiz, and at one point had to be told to sit back down and stop shouting…he also got engaged. (Maybe avoid any form of quiz at the reception.) teapig Nick moved into a house a stone’s throw away from the office, just to fully cement his ‘King of Brentford’ title. teapig Reece took on the ‘office lightweight’ crown after falling asleep after 1 too many sherries, and teapig Nat now has the ‘office flirt’ badge of honour. We dipped our lil piggy toes in to the world of festivals by having our very own tea bar at Big Feastival – The Cheese Truck very kindly kept us topped up with melted cheese delights, and we saw a guy from The Great British Bake Off…all very exciting. We also launched our very first matcha pop up bar in Boxpark, Shoreditch…We were very close to a doughnut shop, so again, we were happy.

 Free tea day was back with a vengeance – this year we had a tea station, a routemaster bus AND a birthday tea party where lots of you kindly came along to help celebrate our 9th birthday! Of course no party would be complete without cocktails…however, we slightly underestimated our Prosecco needs, meaning Nick and Lou (AKA the big cheese) had to make a mad dash for more, resulting in the infamous ‘prosecco heist of 2015’ (There are photos…but I would quite like to have a job in 2016). We visited our pals down the road at the Sipsmith distillery as well as the Fuller’s brewery, for a tour and (many) tasters. teapig Louise was introduced to the wonderful world of beer pong, and topped off the year perfectly by dressing up as a Christmas pudding with Nick debuting his reindeer onesie at our Christmas party (…again, there are photos, but I like working here.)

It’s been an awesome year filled with fun, laughs, booze and a whole load of tea…and we want to wish every single one of you a very happy and healthy 2016!

We’re off for one more night of debauchery before starting our matcha challenge full throttle on January 1st – come join us!