Tea might not be the first thing that springs to mind when it resembles a furnace outside, but trust us when we say there are LOADS of ways to enjoy your favourite brew during our 3 days of hot weather a year.


  1. Pour it over ice – the simplest, most refreshing and arguably the tastiest way to enjoy your tea in the warm weather. Brew your tea for 5 minutes to form a concentrate, pour over a glass of ice, top up with cold water or lemonade and add lots of fresh fruit – sorted. Read our full recipe here 
     iced tea
  2. Enjoy your tea in the form of an ice cube! Make your tea concentrate (super fruit is our fave), fill an ice tray with chunks of fresh fruit, top up with your concentrate and pop them in your freezer. Once frozen, add your frozen tea to lemonade, tonic or water for a subtle burst of tea!
    ice cubes
  3. Teashakes - We can’t quite convey how much we love teashakes. Blend your chosen tea concentrate with a few scoops of good quality ice cream…and spend the rest of the afternoon wondering how you’ve never tried this sooner!?

  4. Teapops – The great thing about making your own ice lollies is that you can choose any flavour combination you like! Super fruit tea, berries and a dash of honey is one of our favourites. But darjeeling earl grey, lemon and maple syrup is a close second. Find our full recipe here
  5. Iced lattes – If you’re a matcha fan, this one is a must try! Mix your matcha with your choice of milk (we’re loving coconut milk at the moment!) add lemon and maple syrup and pour over a glass full of ice – divine!  
     iced lattes
  6. Enjoy a hot cup of tea…For years, grandparents have been telling us that tea cools you down in the hot weather. So it MUST be true. 
    hot brew
     What's your favourite way to enjoy tea in the hotter months? We'd love to know, so why not share a snap of your iced tea creations and make us envious of your teashakes on instagram with the tag #summertimetea