Ah January, December’s hangover, a month of bank accounts we dare not look at, leftover Quality Street (seriously, if anyone likes the strawberry creams – give us a shout), and the sad, naked Christmas trees abandoned on the side of the road. Not to mention the gloomy, gloomy weather - pathetic fallacy if we ever saw it! It’s a tough month that’s for sure, but fear not, team teapigs are here to help put a positive spin on January with 5 super simple tips for surviving the so called ‘January blues’...other than just drinking copious amounts of tea. 

Be realistic with your resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions - love them or hate them, it’s all anyone seems to talk about come January 1st. Our best piece of advice? Make attainable goals! Whether that’s having a solid clear out (two words – Marie Kondo), saying yes to more things, learning one new phrase every day in a new language or finding a new hobby you can commit a few days a week to. Don’t expect sudden transformations – firstly, no one needs that kind of pressure, and secondly you’re already awesome! It’s all about the long game….think of where you could be by the end of the year - impressing your family by speaking fluent French round the table at Christmas, that’s where.

Oh and most importantly of all - don’t panic if you fail on your resolutions by Jan 5th… (that might have been us, might not. Who’s asking?) Long game for the win. 

Give yourself something to look forward to

You’re looking at 3 long months of rain, snow and more snow if last year is anything to go by, so you’re going to need something to look forward to.

January is perfect for finding yourself a bargain holiday. Make that beach on your screen saver a reality or take a road trip, doesn’t even have to be that far away but the promise of breaking up of your usual routine will be your saviour this Jan!

Be savvy

January is most definitely the month for being frugal - but being frugal doesn't have to mean boring!  

Rather than going to the pub, try having friends round each weekend for dinner and games. It’s the perfect excuse to finish off any leftover Christmas booze and make a big vat of something tasty/healthy. Make the most of  any free museums or open spaces your city has to offer at the weekend. Spend time meal planning for the week and using up leftovers to make tasty treats (no one will say no to you bringing in a delicious banana bread!) 

We've also found apps like monzo and yolt to be a huge help with budgeting - great for saving, and highlighting just how big of a Deliveroo problem you have...

Everything in moderation

Dry January, Veganuary, 5k runs every morning…it all seems like a great idea on January 2nd (not the 1st…because, hangover) but just like resolutions, it can all get a bit much if you pile on the pressure. We tend to partake in ‘mostly dry January’ or 2 days a week Veganuary…allow yourself some flexibility and you’re far more likely to keep it up all year long!

Likewise with coffee, it’s a bold move to fully cut out caffeine and tricky when the mornings are so dark and gloomy. Cut back on caffeine by having yourself a cheeky matcha (much like a cheeky Nandos but instead of chicken it’s a bright green, tasty, chock-full-of-goodness drink, with half the caffeine of coffee)…or introduce more herbal teas into your daily routine.    

Get outside 

We know everyone says it…but getting outside and moving your body really does help!

Head outside at lunch for a walk, get off the bus a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the way home. Partake in some desk yoga (is that a thing!?). We’re super lucky as our office offers two lunchtime fitness classes a week – perfect for getting a sweat on, not so great for that 2pm meeting…

No one is expecting you to be the fittest, leaf nibbling gym bunny out there so move in a way that feels good, not like punishment. Hate the treadmill, don’t go on it! Love yoga, do it! 

For us, 2019 is a year for self-love! We’d love to hear how you’re tackling January – tell us on social by tagging @teapigs or leave us a comment below!

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