Hello teapiggers :)

My name is fiona, and I have recently joined the lovely bunch of teapigs working on all of our experiential marketing (basically - I get to go out and about lots)

As the first Scottish teapig, I feel it is my duty to give you the top 10 things I love about my homeland.

1. The weather. Yes really! There's no better excuse to stay inside when it's raining cats and dogs outside with a cup of teapigs everyday brew :)

2. The food. Haggis, neeps and tatties, washed down with some Irn Bru. Lovely!

3. The big hills. You have to admit it, Scotland is beautiful! I was fortunate enough to grow up at the foot of the Ochil Hills.

4. Glasgow. The shops, the pubs...and the shops! My favourite city in Scotland. (Also a great place to go to uni! All the cool kids go there...)

5. The people. We may be a wee bit hard to understand sometimes (with the thick accent), but some may say we are the friendliest of people :)

6. My dog Louis. Technically he doesn't have much to do with Scotland - apart from living there - but he's so cute, he always deserves a mention!

7. St Andrews. This quaint university town is home to possibly the coldest beach in the UK; one which I have spent many a family holiday on - wrapped up in a few dozen beach towels.

8. The Falkirk Wheel. The only thing anyone ever associates my hometown of Falkirk with. It lifts boats from one canal to another...genius!

9. Edinburgh Castle. If visiting the castle, please make sure you know the exact time the canons will be fired. Otherwise you're in for a bit of a shock. Lesson learned.

10. Tartan. Love it or hate it - it always makes it's way into our wardrobes every year!