Though you might not believe it on hearing my voice, I am in fact a real life Geordie having been born in Newcastle and living there until I was the grand old age of 19. Despite not sounding remotely like Cheryl Cole/ Jimmy Nail (remember him?) in the slightest, I will always consider Newcastle home and love it lots.

Here are my 10 ten things that I love about Newcastle and the North East:

  1. Seeing the Angel of the North peeping over the horizon after a 5 hour drive
  2. How we have all pretty much been in Byker Grove at some point (mine was aged 12 as an extra on the quayside – look out for my lime green satin shirt!)
  3. Gregg’s stotties
  4. Believing the someday, ONE DAY, Newcastle United will win something (and always and forever having a soft spot for Alan Shearer and Bobby Robson)
  5. Going Home (Local Hero) by Mark Knopfler
  6. My little village which has barely changed in all my life, and barely changed in all my Mam’s life (and she’s been there 60 odd years)
  7. Spending 90% of my childhood down the Metro Centre
  8. The coast and the beautiful countryside
  9. The Tyne Bridge
  10. Beer bottle sweets!