Continuing our series of blog posts on 10 things we love about where we grew up, I'm talking about my home town of Hull!

 Bearing in mind I haven’t lived there for 10 years, so a lot of these are the places I go back for!

  1. Princess Ave- as far as I’m concerned, the centre of Hull and an ever-changing  mish- mash of cafés, restaurants, shops and a now sadly re-located chocolate shop of loveliness.
  2. Pearson park- on Princess Ave! Rightly known as ‘the people’s park’ Ideal for playing pirates and host to loads of events including the recent ‘Alive with Art’ festival.
  3. Hull Fair- had to be on here. My most recent visit followed a mammoth Chinese take-away, not my best move!
  4. Princess Quay- when I visited as a youngster, this was the busiest place to be on a Saturday. We used to play the games from ‘Boys and Girls’ where you buy things based on the letters they begin with!
  5. Freedom festival- one of my absolute favourite things about Hull. Takes place every year and brings together artists, musicians, performers and stalls to show off everything that is up and coming in Hull.
  6. Humber bridge- again, a must, but I do forget how impressive this is to people who don’t see it regularly and with a parent living on either side seeing it always means I’m going home!
  7. Arco Christmas lights- a security company might not seem like the obvious choice, but every year they light up each metal spoke on the outside of their building in a different colour, very sophisticated!
  8. The arcades- another shopping area (do you see a theme emerging…) tucked away from the main city centre, lots of lovely food, vintage records and Beasleys,  which may just be the best shop in the world. 
  9. Queues outside Piper’s on under-18’s night- we’ve all been there. 
  10. Hull City AFC- you can hear the roar of the tiger’s from my Dad’s house and the KC is actually a lovely stadium. Promotion in 2008 brought out a lot of glory supports in Hull, they wouldn’t have it any other way.