Was born there, grew up there and still live there to this day. Doesn’t get the best image in the press and never really looks its best in person, but there are plenty of hidden gems in Croydon!

1.            The Black Sheep Bar – Sheep was the first club/alternate bar/sticky floored dwelling I ever went to. The people were friendly, the alcohol luke warm and the ‘Granny of the Sheep’ never failed to entertain.

2.            Reggae Man – Awful dancer, dreadful singer, amazing entertainer.

3.            Thornton Heath Pond – because it isn’t actually a pond.

4.            Transport – most things are a short walk away but for everything else we have trams, trains and buses.

5.            The Wizard – The Wizard and his cat can often be found in the darkest corners of The Green Dragon.

6.            Comic book store – If I ever need the latest issue of one of my favourites, this is where you’ll find me.

7.            Mayday hospital – I have broken many a thing in many a way; toes, knuckles, taken a sugar Haribo to the eye. All have ended with me sitting in Mayday’s A&E.

8.            Fresh & Tasty – my favourite takeaway shop. 99p for fries, 99p for ‘chicken pops’ and a 99% chance of food poising to round it all off. No reward without risk and all that…

9.            Farthing Downs – many universal man things can be accomplished here; climbing trees, chasing sheep, whacking things with sticks and the like.

10.          Surrey Street market – evidence of a market existing in Croydon dates back to the 1200’s, today Surrey Street market is a baffling place. ‘pandfivebananatwoforoneblablablaapple’