As part of our ten things we love about where we grew up blog posts, I thought I would take a different approach and talk about where I live now! Ten things I love about Clapham :)


1. Infernos nightclub…Clapham’s most iconic attraction! The red carpet, peeling walls and 70s disco music never fails to liven up a Saturday night.

2. The Picturehouse cinema. Armchairs, nibbles & a bottle of wine – what better way to watch a film.

3. Joggers. You’ll never be alone jogging in Clapham…there seems to be a stream of them 24/7.

4. The Malia Strip….step out on to the High Street after 7pm on a weekend and it feels like you’re there.

5. The Loft. Has to be Clapham’s best bar.

6.  Brixton is just down the road for the times when you’re feeling a bit more daring and want venture out of Clapham’s confines.

7. Saturday Farmers’ Market. Lots of yummy treats.

8. The Common. Perfect for sunbathing, Pimms & picnicking on those lazy summer days.

9.  McDonalds open till 3am and a certain famous chicken shop is open even later.

10. The Northern Line. Gets you pretty much anywhere in London – just don’t bother trying before 10am on a weekday.