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15 pack of everyday brew and a bar of Tony's Chocolonely sea salt caramel milk chocolate
15 pack of mao feng green tea and a bar of Tony's chocolonely 70% dark chocolate
15 pack of peppermint leaves tea and a bar of Tony's chocolonely milk chocolate

tea and chocolate bundle


about this product

We've paired our best selling teas with our favourite Tony's chocolonely bars for the ultimate bundle.

what's in it?

1 x Tony's Chocolonely 180g bar

1 x 15 tea temples of your favourite teapigs blend.

Tony's Chocolonely

milk chocolate

When you're in the chocolate business, you've got to get the classics right and boy do Tony's do that! Creamy, smooth milk chocolate, it's Tony's original bar.

milk caramel sea salt

Feeling the urge for something more interesting than the usual milk or dark? This one's got an extra bit of zhjuzhj! Milk chocolate with crunchy caramel and a hint of sea salt to really heighten the flavour.

extra dark chocolate (vegan)

This one's for the grown ups - at 70% cocoa there's no messing around here. Dark and dreamy, it's the perfect treat for when the kids have gone to bed.

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