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We have JOMO fever

Posted 27th February 2015 by Becky

We have JOMO fever

Have you heard of The Fear of Missing out? Checking your instagram and thinking everyone is having loads of fun without you on a yacht in Monaco, or sat in the frow at London Fashion week, or eating macaroons in Paris whilst you are at home doing the washing up? Well, forget all that and turn your attention to the JOY of Missing Out.

Staying in really is awesome, and if you’re by yourself than even better because you can do whatever you please! The teapigs girls have been having a think about what we love to do most at home guilt free:

Juliana: I am a pinterest maniac. And I’m obsessed with surfing the internet and bookmarking clothes and books I want to buy. That, and watching Regular Show and Adventure time with lots of cake (that I obviously bought as I have zero baking talent)

Becky: Oh my, staying in is the best. A workout, followed by a bath every night whilst watching beauty vloggers on youtube, usually with some weird homemade face mask made out of avocado on. Then a highbrow evening of old TOWIE episodes and some property programme found lurking on More 4.

Sarah: I LOVE binge watching TV Shows. I was off work yesterday and spent about 4 hours watching Homeland. I regret nothing. This a recurring habit, I once spent my summer watching The Wire and The Sopranos back to back and forgot how to communicate properly with people. Otherwise its an evening in spending waaaaay too much time watching Youtube or trawling Etsy

Valerie: I could easily spend the whole day doing tapestry (very relaxing) but I also love painting furniture and framing up all the paintings I’ve bought whilst traveling

Rachel: Aaah fear of missing out is so relevant when you’re saving for a house and wedding.. waaah. But ultimately I’m a lazy bum so also v happy to stay at home in my PJ’s. I love to try to paint my nails in really cool designs – fail miserably, keep trying, eventually give up paint all nails the same colour. I’m also always keen to play a few tricks on the fiancé – hide behind doors/in cupboards and jump out. Put on masks and creep into rooms, you know, just normal stuff. Failing that, box set marathons are pretty much my favourite activity and BOOOOKS. All the books please.

Sofia: love love love dancing round my room. Or spending hours watching Gray’s Anatomy!!

Well, that’s our Friday night sorted Let us know in the comments below your favourite joy of missing out!

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Sweet ginger

Posted 25th February 2015 by Louise

Sweet ginger

When dreaming up new flavour combinations we always tend to go BIG. BIG pieces - In this case massive chunks of root ginger, liquorice and cinnamon. This of course delivers BIG flavour. What we were trying to get was a strong ginger kick, with a smooth sweet after taste. We think we have done it with our sweet ginger. Another great mid-afternoon alternative to unhealthy snacking* (* also good with cake). 

Then we turned to the packaging, the usual teapigs brainstorming ensued. This is not the sophisticated brainstorming session where people sit on soft beanbags squeezing stress balls and nodding politely at others ideas. This is more playground brainstorming – shouting across the offices and ridiculing others ideas. In the end the best suggestion comes to the surface and there was a clear winner – who is the sweetest ginger known well to every UK household – Chris Evans. Thick frame glasses won the day. 

We thank you Chris Evans for your wonderfulness, now please can you get famous in the US so that our packaging makes sense to our Manhattan office. 

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Join our book club!

Posted 25th February 2015 by Becky

Join our book club!

Have you heard, we have started a book club with our pals at Penguin Classics! Penguin have recently launched a new range of books called Little Black Classics – we love these because they aren’t too daunting, they’re easy to read on your lunch break or on the train and they are a brilliant way to get back into reading if you’ve been struggling to find the time.

So, join in with us – our first book is A Pair of Silk Stockings by Kate Chopin (you can read Sam from Penguin’s little write up here). Nab a copy at the library or buy one from Waterstones, Foyles or Amazon for a tiny 80p.

We’ll be back here on the teapigs blog in April to review the book so join us then and tell us what you think!

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Things to do in London this week (for teapig Tori)

Posted 23rd February 2015 by Becky

Things to do in London this week (for teapig Tori)

Our wonderful teapig Tori is leaving London this week for a new adventure living in the midlands – (don’t worry though, she’ll still be working for us, just a little bit further away) – and we’ve been having a think about what awesome things she can do this week before she leaves.

Firstly, Sorastro’s on Drury Lane – yummy Mediterranean food and fab décor. It’d done up like a theatre and you sit in boxes whilst people sing opera at you. Its’ good fun!

The food market in Greenwich – you can either be super healthy with juices, raw vegan goodies and armfuls of fresh fruit and veg. OR… can we recommend the churros?!

Did you know you can actually climb over the o2? It looks epic – especially the sunset climb.

Another foodie treat, Maltby street market. Quieter than Borough so lovely for a bit of a stroll.

The White Cube Gallery – it’s a little bit weird…but we like it!

Gin fans would love the Sipsmith distillery tour – we love Sipsmith and visited them down in Chiswick not so long ago. They have nightly tours on a weekday and not only can you hear about their history and how they produce their excellent spirits, you also get to sample and few and leave very merry indeed

The Pig’s Ears in Richmond – super cosy little cave of a bar/restaurant. One for meat and beer lovers!

There’s always loads going on at Boxpark in Shoreditch (we held our matcha pop up bar there earlier this month!)

Drink, Shop, Do is a super cool café which transforms into a bar at night. You can have afternoon tea and a natter, take up a new craft or have a few drinks and a boogie. We love it!

For the best pub quizzes in THE WORLD (or London at least) check out the Adventure Quizzes across the city. Us teapigs have been known to dabble in these and have even scooped the top prizes on more than on occasion.

That should give our Tori a few ideas for this week, let us know what other interesting/quirky/fun things to do in the comments below :)

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Posted 19th February 2015 by Valerie

Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s the Chinese New Year! Here’s 12 things you need to know about the celebrations

  1. 2015 is the year of the Goat or the Sheep (from the Chinese character “yang”)
  2. Those born in 1919, 1931, 1943, 1967, 1979, 1991 or 2003 are goats.  And we have 1 teapig (Rosie) born in the year of the goat!
  3. It is based on the ancient Chinese lunar calendar – it falls on the 2nd new moon after the winter solstice – between 21st January and 19th February  - so it means it changes every year!
  4. It is the longest and most important holiday in the Chinese calendar
  5. It is the largest annual human migration – everybody leaves home to visit their families
  6. People who are not married received a red envelope with money to bring happiness and good fortune. Who gives them out? Those who are married.
  7. Children keep the envelope under their pillow as long as possible to bring them more luck.
  8. People wear red clothing to scare the mythical monster
  9. Cleaning and decorating (or a bit of DIY) is always on the agenda to the run up to the celebrations.
  10. On the final day – day 15 - red lanterns are released into the sky.
  11. London will be celebrating the Chinese New Year on Sunday 22nd February from 10am to 6pm in Trafalgar square
  12. Have a cup of teapigs Jasmine tea to celebrate in style!


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