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we are hiring!

Posted Yesterday by Rachel

we are hiring!

Order processor and trade customer service assistant

We are looking for a detail-orientated, organised tea lover with fantastic customer service skills to become our order processor and trade customer services assistant.  Reporting to the Commercial Manager for Independent Business and Trade Support, you’ll be responsible for processing trade orders for all our lovely stockists, from teeny cafes to larger accounts like Selfridges. You’ll also be assisting with our customer service plan for independent stockists, helping us on our mission to get the nation drinking real tea!

Here’s more detail:

Order management

The majority of your role will be processing trade orders for all of our lovely stockists using Sage 200. You will need to take orders over the phone and via email as well as quickly handling any issues that arise.

Customer service

You’ll be the first point of contact for our stockists when they need help or advice. You will also be responsible for proactively calling stockists to let them know about our current sales messages and making sure that they are making the most of their tea!

You need to be:

  • Detail orientated – there are 29 types of tea in 9 different formats as well as lots of teaware and POS, you need to have a sharp eye to make sure you are processing orders correctly
  • Organised – You will be juggling lots of tasks, so being able to manage work load is key
  • Happy to pick up the phone – we regularly give our stockists a call to make sure everything is okay their side and to keep them up to date with our monthly sales messages
  • Friendly – you will be constantly talking to our stockists, so you have to be willing to have a chat sometimes!
  • Willing to chip in –there is lots going on in the office so we all help each other out!
  • Happy to go with it! - fancy an underwater tea party with Louis Theroux and Adrian Chiles? (it happened!)

You will be looking to be part of a young and busy team in a fast growing friendly business. The appropriate candidate will ensure that teapigs retain their position as the number one gourmet tea company in the UK market.

This role will be based at our lovely office in Brentford

Base salary + Bonus + Benefits ( health care option/ free tea / weekly fitness classes with England rugby players!)

To apply please send your CV and a cover letter to rachel@teapigs.co.uk


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a big warm welcome to newest recruit, anna!

Posted 19th May 2015 by Anna

a big warm welcome to newest recruit, anna!

Haaallloooo there! So as the newest recruit to the teapigs team and having been here a few days now, I thought it only right to introduce myself and give you a little run down with 10 truly riveting facts about me:

  1. My name is Anna, I’m 23 & half Welsh.
  2. I would own hundreds of cats if I wasn’t 100% sure I would turn into a crazy cat lady almost immediately. 1 will have to do for now...
  3. I have a strange but serious phobia of balloons..! I know, weird. But the smell, the noise & the risk that they just might pop at any second is enough to bring me out in a cold sweat.
  4. In February I returned from a 6 month trip to China where I was living and teaching in a primary school in Guangdong. I plan to go back and continue teaching 7 year olds that Disney & Pizza are the best things the English speaking world has to offer!
  5. Since watching this years’ Marathon & cheering on a few of my friends, I have decided that at some point within the next few years I WILL run it myself.
  6. I am a big yoga lover and find that teapigs Matcha helps me ‘find my zen’.
  7. As a newly fledged teapig you’ll find me scouting out new places to stock our lovely tea & help spread the word.
  8. My favourite teapigs flavour has got to be either Green Tea with Mint or Jasmine pearls, mmmmm.
  9. The only broken bone I’ve ever had was my middle finger which resulted in a very weird/hilarious finger cast aged 8.
  10. My claim to fame is that as a baby I was the baby illustrated on the Pampers packets… in Switzerland.

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Bara Brith recipe from Fenella Smith!

Posted 6th May 2015 by Sarah

Bara Brith recipe from Fenella Smith!

It’s probably no surprise to you, that we at teapigs love a good mug – we spend roughly 77% of our day drinking tea, and the mad rush for your favourite mug in the morning often resembles a scene from the hunger games.

Therefore, when we had the chance to team up with fab homeware designer Fenella Smith we literally jumped for joy! Fenella Smith creates elegant homewares that add a brightness and quirkiness to your home, whilst being entirely functional (we can’t be doing with mugs you can’t get a decent cuppa from!)

It was resident animal fanatic, teapig Amy who first brought Fenella Smith to our attention. Armed with a lifetime of memories spent in the outdoors surrounded by various pets, and with the help of her award winning illustrator brother, Greg - Fenella has been able to capture the spirit of the countryside by bringing these furry little friends to life, and quite frankly we can’t get enough! (..the pug and dachshund mugs being particular favourites)

Everyone knows cake is the Robin to Batman’s tea, and guess what? Fenella has been kind enough to give us a fab Bara Brith recipe complete with Earl Grey tea – the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon brew.

 You’ll need:

 325g mixed fruit 

175g light muscovado sugar

250ml earl grey tea

zest and juice of one orange

350g self-raising flour

2 level teaspoons mixed spice

1 egg

50g Butter

  • Add the fruit, sugar, orange juice and zest into a large bowl, pour over the warm (not boiling) earl grey tea, give it a stir, cover it and leave to soak overnight.
  • Heat the oven to 160C.Thoroughly grease and line a loaf tin with baking paper. 
  • Pour the flour and spice into a large bowl, then stir in the fruit and any liquid not absorbed by the fruit, beat in the egg, then the butter.
  • Beat well then pour into your loaf tin. Bake for around one hour but check with a skewer that it’s cooked through. 
  • Leave to cool in the tin until cooled slightly, remove and leave to cool completely on a wire rack.
  • Cut yourself a slice, grab yourself a brew and ENJOY! 

 Be sure to give the recipe a go, and let us know what you think!

To celebrate even further, we’ll be running a competition over on twitter where you can be in with a chance of winning a set of super cute mugs from her popular dog collection - Celebrations all round!    

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black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong – what’s the difference?

Posted 5th May 2015 by Becky

black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong – what’s the difference?

Some pub facts

 1. They all come from the same plant – the “tea” plant

 2. The tea plant is called Camelia sinensis. 

 3. They all contain caffeine. 

What makes them different?

It’s the way the tea is processed that makes it different. Black tea is tea that has been oxidised (or “fermented”). This means the air is allowed to get to the tea leaves. To look at it very simply, as the air gets to the leaf, it turns from green to brown – just like an apple turns from fresh and green to dry and brown when left in open air. You can stop the oxidation process by heating the leaves. Stopping the process at different stages is what produces these different types of tea on a scale that goes from white to green to oolong to black.

White and green teas are heated early on and not allowed to oxidise (that’s what makes them light and fresh), oolong tea is part oxidised (so it’s darker and has more strength) and black tea is oxidised (that’s why it’s so dark and strong).  

You can learn more here

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out and about - here’s where you can try matcha

Posted 5th May 2015 by Becky

out and about - here’s where you can try matcha

Fancy trying our matcha? Well, you’re in luck – we are going to be out and about loads this May so now’s the perfect time to visit on of these stores, have a natter with a teapig and try a cheeky free sample of our super power green tea.

We’ll be at the following stores on these dates (all times are 12-3pm unless stated)

Harvey Nichols

Thursday 7th - London

Thursday 14th - London

Sunday 17th - London

Thursday 21st - London

Thursday 28th - London

Saturday 23rd – Manchester



Sunday 3rd – Manchester

Friday 8th - London

Friday 15th- London

Friday 22nd- London

Friday 29th- London

Sunday 31st – Manchester


John Lewis

Saturday 2nd – Oxford Street

Saturday 9th– Oxford Street

Wednesday 29th (4-7)



Friday 29th – Media City

Saturday 30th – Knutsford

Sunday 31st – Garstang



Sunday 3rd – Kensington

Tuesday 5th – Richmond

Wednesday 6th – Fulham

Thursday 7th – Kensington 4-7

Friday 8th – Camden

Monday 11th – Kensington

Tuesday 12th - Richmond

Thursday 14th – Kensington 4-7

Monday 18th - Kensington

Wednesday 20th - Fulham

Thursday 21st – Kensington 4-7

Tuesday 26th - Richmond

Wednesday 27th – Fulham

Thursday 28th – Kensington 4-7

Saturday 30th - Clapham

Sunday 31st – Stoke Newington


As Nature Intended

Sunday 10th – Spitalfields

Monday 11th – Ealing

Friday 15th – Chiswick


Planet Organic

Wednesday 13th - Devonshire Square

Tuesday 19th – Torrington Place

Monday 25th – Westbourne Grove


We’ll see you there!

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