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Say hello to new teapig Reece

Posted 15th April 2014 by Reece

Say hello to new teapig Reece

Hey there! I'm the latest teapig :)

I’m Reece, self-proclaimed rescuer of bee’s, wrestler of bears (see above picture of bee, also proves the bear thing by default) and once rocked an afro so large I could carry stuff in it.

I’ll be your go to for customer service enquiries by email or over the phone, I’ll also be helping teapig Hannah out with some web bits.

I first discovered teapigs at the Ideal Home Show in 2013, I picked up a few packs of Lemon & Ginger to help banish a cold and haven’t looked back since. Rooibos Créme Caramel and Chai are also personal favourites, but I’m now on a mission to try every flavour going!

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Tea of the month: silver tips

Posted 15th April 2014 by Becky

Tea of the month: silver tips

Fans of white tea rejoice! Yes, it’s the time again, our silver tips white is tea of the month.

We love April – longer days, warmer weather, marathons to run (if you’re anything like me) and silver tips tea to be harvested.

This cuppa is a daily essential for me – I love its delicate taste and that is filled with skin friendly antioxidants. But don’t just take my word for it! We’ve got some great customer feedback to share:

“At the first sip I wasn't sure but as the cup went down my liking went up. I now have a cup every morning and feel refreshed afterwards. I also read online it helps with weight loss, impurities, skin issues so not only does it taste yummy it can make you look and feel better as well.”

“Ever since I tasted this wonderful tea a few weeks ago I have changed my breakfast beverage. I drink it every day and love it. One temple makes a small pot of tea in the morning and I use the same temple to make another cup at lunchtime. So amazing good value!”

“I have never tried a white tea before so I was pleasantly surprised with teapigs Silver Tips white tea - an absolutely gorgeous blend that's very refreshing and moreish. Another one I'll be stocking up on. TEAriffic.”

“Love white tea anyway, but this version lived up to expectations which is excellent! Lovely and light, perfect anytime cuppa!”


Now’s a great chance to give our silver tips a whirl, it’s 10% until the end of the month! (Discount on temples shown in the basket)

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10 things I love about Suffolk

Posted 11th April 2014 by Louise

10 things I love about Suffolk

Containing our series of “10 things we love about where we grew up”, here’s mine – 10 things I love about Suffolk!

1.            Beaches – pebble and sand. Secluded and beautiful. Shingle street... One of the most amazing beaches. No café, no toilets but simple and sunny ( mostly!)

2.            Southwold – beach, pier, lighthouse.

3.            Suffolk Punch Horse – a super power horse, unique to suffolk!

4.            Ramsholt church – a round tower church, near a very good pub

5.            Woodbridge – market town with a mill on a river.

6.            Aldeburgh fish and chip shop – in the top 50 fish and chip shops.

7.            Snape Maltings – music, food and shops in a really nice building, good day out.  

8.            Thorpness house in the clouds – a very tall house, weird and wonderful.

9.            Ed Sheeran – possibly the most famous person to originate from Suffolk ?!

10.          Food – an abundance of yummy meat, fish, fruit and veg.

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Firefly tonics

Posted 10th April 2014 by Becky

Firefly tonics

As the weather is finally getting a little bit brighter and warmer, we are looking forward to glorious summer months filled with iced teas and yummy tea cocktails. Seems our friends at Firefly Tonics are on the same wavelength too! We love their range of natural drinks and as they are based down the road in Fulham, they are practically our neighbours!

Firefly was set up by two young entrepreneurs in 2003.  Harry Briggs and Marcus Waley-Cohen were working in the city, burning the candle at both ends and deeply underwhelmed by the walls of bland, unnatural soft drinks that passed as refreshment.  They decided it was time to create a ‘better’ soft drink. After much research, Firefly was born as a range of ‘revitalising tonics’ designed for health-conscious consumers who wanted a refreshing, natural pick-me-up.

We have it on good authority that Firefly Tonics also make fantastic mixers. A selection of the best to whet your appetite;

English Raspberry Mojito

35ml Chase Vodka

25ml Raspberry Liqueur

100ml Firefly Kiwi, Lime & Mint

15ml Sugar syrup 15ml

Freshly squeezed lime juice

Marmalade Daiquiri

50ml Chase Marmalade Vodka

50ml Firefly Lemon, Lime & Ginger

15ml freshly squeezed lime juice

25ml Sugar syrup

2 dashes Angostura bitters


Try them yourself and let us know what you think!

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teapigs at the Taste of Cape Town festival

Posted 3rd April 2014 by Becky

teapigs at the Taste of Cape Town festival

Tea fans of South Africa – be sure to visit the Taste of Cape Town festival from today until the 6th of April to see the teapigs South Africa team and to sample our yummy whole leaf brews. Shaz and the team will be there selling our packs and talking all things tea so be sure to head over and say hi!

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