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Put down that phone, switch off your laptop, sit down, feet up, breath deep, close your eyes…. What?!!? No time for all that pre-bed relaxation? Then put on the kettle and enjoy this yummy blend of apple, lavender and chamomile, known to help maintain a healthy sleep. Light, a little sweet and flowery. Off to sleep you go. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Louise the tea taster says

how does it taste?

Fancy. Sweet apple, light lavender and a flowery hint.

good if you're feeling

Restless - this will knock you out.

How we like it

Just before bed.

With the help of Snooze – a soothing mix of chamomile, apple and lavender – you’ll be whisked off to the land of nod quicker than your head can hit the pillow. 

Brew Time

  • tea temple - 1 per person. Infuse in boiling water. Brew for 3+ minutes.

Whole leaves take longer to brew, but the little wait is definitely worth it.

  • Boiling Water
    Boiling Water
  • Brew for 3+ minutes
    Brew for 3+ minutes
  • caffeine free
    caffeine free
  • Calories 4
    4 calories per cup
  • what's in it?

    apple pieces, chamomile flowers, lavender flowers

  • nutritional content per 100ml

    • 4 kcal
    • 1 sugar
    • 0 fat
    • 1 carbohydrate
  • Allergens

    dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made in a factory that handles nuts


* * * * * (35)

Snooze Tea

* * * * * by Beverley • 10th August 2018

“This tea is absolutely amazing. The aroma is bliss, the relaxation is divine, it certainly aids restfulness and sleep. Highly recommend.....”

The great unwind!

* * * * * by Tony • 12th March 2019

“My wife says 'Perfect for unwinding - so relaxing, subtle flavours that combine to send you to bed a million miles away from the cares of the day'.”

Loved it

* * * * * by Barbara • 16th October 2018

“I loved this one. It smells great and it really made me feel relaxed sitting down for a last cup of the day.”

Great Bedtime Tea

* * * * * by Ben Santer • 15th March 2019

“This tea is simple fan zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 😴, sorry dozed off for a second there.”

Excellent et efficace!

* * * * * by Magali • 22nd July 2017

“Je voulais tester : cette infusion est efficace pour dormir et se détendre le soir.


* * * * * by Hannah • 20th October 2018

“This tea helps with stuff that gets you down- after a long day- drinking this tea helps to settle nerves and empty your mind”

And breathe

* * * * * by Mrs L C R Butler • 4th June 2019

“So relaxing at the end of a busy day or at moments of stress during the day. Will buy again”

This works!

* * * * * by Georgina • 20th October 2018

“I only used this when I couldn’t sleep (and it helped). Now I drink it every evening half an hour before bed and have been sleeping like a log with no interrupted sleep. Always squeeze the teabag with a teaspoon to get as much of the goodness out of each bag!! Would highly recommend and well worth buying in bulk! Excellent value for money. Thank you teapigs.”

Lovely gift

* * * * * by Melanie Dixon • 12th June 2019

“Bought these for an insomniac friend & they’re just the thing, thanks again Team Teapigs!”

genuinely has a positive effect on my sleep!

* * * * * by lifeofpippa • 5th September 2017

“i have chronic insomnia and whilst medication only somewhat controls it, I've found that a cup of this genuinely does have a positive effect on my sleep! And tastes amazing too, of course!”

So relaxing

* * * * * by Liz • 30th October 2018

“Loved this tea have it before going to bed”

Sleepy Tea

* * * * * by HazeyDazey • 9th September 2019

“Relaxing bedtime brew. Calming aroma and taste, made me feel chilled out. Definitely my sleepy tea.”

Splendiferous bedtime drink

* * * * * by Clare • 31st October 2017

“I love this tea.
I don’t write reviews very often but folk need to try this tea. I used to drink camomile before bed but I haven’t touched it since I got these (apart from those few dark days where I had inadvertently run out and had to panic order more).
I don’t know whether it’s the sweet bit of apple or the gentleness of the lavender but it’s just lovely. No idea if it actually helps you sleep any better because I’ve always been pretty world class at that, but it is a lovely lovely hug of a mug just before bed.”

Sleep in a mug

* * * * * by Rachael • 30th October 2018

“Brought this after a sample I received. It's a lovely flavour and relaxes me for sleep. Even if you don't need it for sleep I'd recommend it as a lovely evening drink. The best sleep tea I've tried as the apple enhances the sweetness. And the camomile doesn't overpower.”

Relaxing snooze drink

* * * * * by Brenda Plummer • 8th November 2017

“I absolutely love the snooze for sleeping tea - the aroma that comes from the drink is relaxation just by the smell - the taste is so comforting with the blend of apple, lavender and chamomile, I look forward to my snooze herbal tea every night - especially after a yoga session - total relaxation. Highly recommend and just love it!”

Relaxing Tea.

* * * * * by Joanne Hodgetts • 4th November 2018

“This tea definitely helps you to relax, ready for sleep.”

Night tea champion

* * * * * by Lisa • 23rd December 2017

“This taste has the best ingredients and flavour for sleep time”

So sleepy!

* * * * * by Lisa Aindow • 7th November 2018

“For someone who struggles with sleep I have tried various 'sleepy teas'. I cant recommend this one enough! It smells and tastes like sleep, I love it!”

Dreamy tea

* * * * * by Sara Green • 15th January 2018

“I tried this before Christmas as I sleep very badly. It helped massively helped by the wonderful flavour of lavender and apple. Couldn't find any when i ran out so am using another brand (without apple) which has a horrible smell and flavour so very happy to find Snooze Tea Pigs online.”

So cozy!

* * * * * by Evvi • 2nd January 2019

“I really like this tea! I Have some anxiety and it always comes right before I fall asleep so it can take some time before I fall asleep. The Snooze Tea helps me calm down right before bed and I have made it a part of my nightly routine. And also it tastes great!”

Such an amazing buy

* * * * * by Sue • 18th January 2018

“My mum has been a fan of teapigs for years, but she tends to stick to the same teas so I bought several new ones for her for Christmas and this is her favourite do far.
She had s very busy life style and finds it hard to switch off at night but since drinking this before going to bed she has found herself falling into sleep a lot easier.
Definitely going to try myself and my mum days she would recommend it 100%”

Perfect Slumber!

* * * * * by Chelsea • 14th January 2019

“This tea!!
Smells divine and tastes much better!
If you have trouble shutting off then this is definitely for you.
Liquid sleep .. wouldn't be bedtime without a cup of this now.”

lovely tea

* * * * * by Elizabeth • 5th February 2018

“I was a bit apprehensive to try this as I wasn't sure how nice lavender would be in a drink, but it is truly delicious. The apple and lavender go so well together and it is a wonderful bedtime tea.”

Gentle and Sweet

* * * * * by Jane • 18th January 2019

“Since I can't get anyone to sing 'Soft Kitty' to me every night, I have a mug of this instead. It's a gentle appley-sweet cloud of lavender, and it works every time to put me out like a light.”

tea pigs tea

* * * * * by martin • 2nd February 2019

“hi this is one of my first purchases from teapigs and must say i am very pleased with it i have had tea from OTHER places and have no comparison with this company the TEAPIGS TEA is far more better than any thing i have had good service also i would recommend to any one to try it thank you tea pigs”

Loved it

* * * * * by chloe • 6th February 2019

“I loved this one, it smelt and Tastes amazing and wasn’t to strong in taste either. But it really made me feel relaxed and definitely helped me fall asleep easier. Will definitely be buying some more and recommending to friends and family.”


* * * * * by Absolutely fantastic • 10th February 2018

“Prefect for when you are on the brink of sleep!!”

Amazingly good

* * * * * by Matthew Warburton • 20th February 2019

“Tried this as a sample of a few teas in a tasting session in work and first time I tried I actually had the best nights sleep in a while so invested in some more and just what can I say they are awesome and will be sure buying again.. Amazing choice of teas definitely reccomend”


* * * * * by Emma • 14th February 2018

“Tasty and relaxing”

Amazing tea

* * * * * by Lauren • 20th February 2019

“This is a beautiful blend, and the apple gives it a sweeter taste - a very relaxing drink and I will be looking forward to buying it again.”

If You Don't Buy "Snooze" you lose!

* * * * * by Dulcie Francis • 6th August 2018

“I have bought from teapigs before mainly fruit teas and always found them to be excellent quality, so having recently had a family bereavement and having great difficulty in sleeping and not wanting to go down the route of pills from the doctor, I decided to give "Snooze" a go....The first couple of nights I didn't see a lot of difference but after 3 nights and onwards I am now managing to get a decent nights sleep. The flavour is lovely and is very soothing and helps me drift off into a natural sleep.

Thank you Teapigs!”

Snooze you don't loose

* * * * * by Anna • 26th February 2019

“I really enjoyed this tea, it smelt amazing and really did relax me!”

It works

* * * * - by Tessa • 2nd August 2017

“It did help me fall asleep and isn't a bad taste.”

Should be called "Knock Out"!

* * * * - by Larresha Fabunmi • 8th February 2018

“I love this tea as it really helps me sleep deeper for longer.

The tea has a VERY strong lavender fragrance - so if you do not like lavender - do not buy it. I love lavender so this is not an issue for me!”

Mmm...not sure

* * * - - by Helen Lloyd • 6th February 2018

“I had bought a sample pack of each of the feel good teas to try. This was not my favourite I'm afraid - I already have a 'sleepy' tea which I love the taste of and which helps me to sleep, so perhaps I am conditioned towards that one, but I found the flavours didn't sit well with me. I think I found the 'flowery' taste a bit too much, though I am sure others will like it, just not for me.”

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